Refurbishment Surveys


To identify ACM prior to refurbishment, a survey will be conducted on the building. This survey will allow the removalist to locate and remove ACM before any refurbishment takes place.

Hazard Management is a company that provides refurbishment surveys. They understand how important it is to minimise the risk of financial, physical and emotional losses. Many stories from people who have not made the small investment to have a survey done before work starts, only to discover it halfway through. By which time it has contaminated other parts of the property costing them far more to decontaminate the area.

As well as this there are also the health implications from exposure to the very fine asbestos fibres. Disturbing asbestos materials puts you, your family, or your colleagues and staff at risk. Asbestos is still the biggest single killer on New Zealand work sites.

Not forgetting the cost financially, fines of up to $50,000 may be imposed for people who do not identify the asbestos risks before work starts.


Our service is specifically targeted at areas that are to undergo refurbishment, so we use intrusive survey techniques to access all areas of the proposed refurbishment. We collect samples for analysis to determine whether or not asbestos is present.

The only presumptions made during the survey are areas which can not be surveyed or are unsafe to sample (i.e., live power to a fuse board, inside a hot water tank or machinery).

Once the survey has been completed and asbestos has been identified, it must be removed prior to any further refurbishment starting. This is a requirement by law (Section 25 and 26 of the Asbestos Regulations).

Hazard Management offers a range of survey services, including what was formally known as a Type 3 asbestos survey, now referred to as an asbestos demolition or refurbishment survey. This detailed inspection is a crucial part of preparing for any major renovation or demolition work on a building. Our team of professionals will carry out a thorough investigation of all areas, including those difficult to reach, to identify any asbestos-containing materials (ACMs). The Control of Asbestos Regulations 2012 has clarified the types of asbestos surveys, and our process adheres to the latest requirements.

We also provide what is commonly called an asbestos building survey, designed to locate and identify any ACMs within a building or structure. This type of survey is a critical part of any property acquisition, renovation, or maintenance plan, aligning with the management asbestos survey as outlined by the regulations. It helps ensure that any potential asbestos-related risks are identified and managed safely, preventing any accidental disturbance that could result in the release of harmful asbestos fibres. Trust Hazard Management to conduct your asbestos surveys meticulously, with your safety and legal compliance as our priority.

Asbestos Testing & Surveys Services